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posted by [identity profile] everybodyliesmd.livejournal.com at 09:46pm on 05/05/2009
I totally agree - Hugh is a god. I loved watching him act the shit out of that detox sequence. If he was making out/having sex with anyone other than Cuddy, I would have thoroughly enjoyed that scene and would be counting the minutes until next Monday.

Cuddy/LE is just gross. I really do not care at all for LE, and I really hate how she got to have input into this scene and backstory.

I hope this show redeems itself next week, because UMS left a bitter taste in my mouth.
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Yeah, the fact that none of this crap would have happened if LE hadn't made it all up drives me a little crazy. It's it rude, or something, to push the showrunners to focus on your character more? It just seems wildly inappropriate and unprofessional.

I get more and more dissatisfied with the episode as time goes on. I don't know what it is, but it might be how GOOD my two other shows are getting, especially Lost. "The Constant" and "The Variable" should be required viewing for the entire planet, (JMHO, obviously, and the focus is on my two fave characters.)

I will say the scene with Amber in the restaurant was one of the most incredible (JMO, again) scenes the show has ever had. SO. FUCKING. CREEPY.

I love Amber. Why have House/Cuddy when you could have House/Amber?

I'm also waaaay pissed that the writers didn't throw in two lines about Wilson's disappearance. It just felt very forced, and maybe a little insulting.
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posted by [identity profile] everybodyliesmd.livejournal.com at 09:18pm on 06/05/2009
I think DS has given LE input because, as usual, he is clueless sometimes when it comes to the characters and their popularity. (I'm sure he thinks Cuddy is very popular because the Huddies and LE's fans are more loud and obnoxious than anyone else's fans are.)

Look at how infatuated DS was with Olivia Wilde and how much screen time she got because of it. He chose her over Anne Dudek, and I think he's realizing that he made a big mistake. Amber is way more interesting and fun to watch than Thirteen has ever been. AD has done an amazing job in the past few episodes. (Yes, that scene in the restaurant was very creepy! The writers hit a home run with that one!)

I am totally pissed off that they just dumped Wilson totally, without a word, in favor of Cuddy. If anything, BOTH Wilson and Cuddy should have been there for their friend. At least Cuddy wouldn't have been able to take advantage of House when he was at his lowest point. I never cared for her. Now she totally disgusts me.

The writing in this ep was good until the last 15 minutes. Then, they just threw everything into the shitter and flushed. There was no transition whatsoever; absolutely nothing to help us follow House's logic in turning away from Wilson in favor of Cuddy. You're right - it was insulting.

I'd love to know which monkey on crack thought it was a good idea to detox House overnight (with no lasting effects, NOT EVEN PAIN) and then have sex the next day. Seriously? WTF is wrong with them and WTF is wrong with DS allowing such a piss poor ending to this episode?

I keep hoping as the days go by that it will piss me off less and less, but it isn't working.


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