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Wow. You put a lot more thought into it than I did!

There is just one big flaw in your timeline - House said (last year, I think, but maybe before that) that he's been a doctor for over 20 years.

Just curious, have I missed something in canon or are you just fabricating all of House's overseas education?
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No actually it works. In a first season episode House told a clinic kid, the one with the Mp3 player shoved up his...

...that nothing could phase him because he's been a doctor for 20 years. Assuming House is Hugh's age then he was 45 at that time. I have him entering the Internal Medicine program (after his two-year stay at the University of Tel Aviv) at age 24. One year later, he gets his medical certificate at age 25; 20 years later at age 45 he tells the kid he's been practicing for 20 years. Every year after that is 20-plus.

I'm fabricating the international education based on what I know of House. He seems to know a lot medically about Brazil & South America. He also knows Portuguese and Spanish. It made sense to me that's he's been there.

Also, he knows Mandarin & knows a lot of Asian diseases. As an infectious disease guy it also makes sense that he would practice overseas. Many American universities have international outreach programs. He could have gone with a mentor.

He also has in-depth knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish customs, so it made sense to send him to Israel for a couple of years of study there.

Wilson/House specifically said that House was kicked out of an internship program. You don't get into an internship program without completing the academic portions required for it, so House could have completed his medical education but couldn't practice because he needs an internship.

There's no way he would have just moved into a specialized internship program elsewhere. It's a drawn out process and the specialized programs fill quickly. He would have been stuck with an education that he couldn't use.

It's mostly made up but I tried to conform it to what I know of House & what's been revealed in canon about him, his knowledge & his relationships.

Actually, this time line is part of a Wilson-House-Cuddy one that I created because I wanted to do a pre-canon fan fiction about the three of them. But there's already so many Wilson-House ones out there that I just gave up on the idea but still kept the time line. This is just the House-Cuddy half. I researched all of the information so I figure I might do something with it one of these days.

The thing I like about it is that so far it's worked no matter how TPB have tried to fuck it up. I haven't had to adjust too often.
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I'm impressed!


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