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2009-05-14 07:29 pm

Pimping for [profile] goldenheart96

As you know, Hugh Laurie's 50th birthday is on June 11 and a couple of fans on LJ have come up with the idea of doing a Hugh Laurie Birthday Charity Drive. The basic idea behind it is to collect money for "Save The Children", the charity Hugh supports. [livejournal.com profile] cadeira has created this page with the possibility of making your donation. And right here you can find more information. So go there now! I think it's a great idea and hopefully many people will participate. It's nicer than sending candy canes to Hugh :-) Please feel free to spread this in your own LJs :-)

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Once again, here's the donation link - as I said, feel free to spread this :-)


And the link for more details:

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2009-05-11 11:21 pm

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I just watched House again with my 12 year old daughter.

Her reaction.. )
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2009-05-10 03:01 pm

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Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms on my flist!!

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2009-05-04 09:07 pm

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So, Under My Skin tonight.

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2009-05-01 10:56 am

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Just heard someone call the swine flu outbreak "Aporkalypse Now."

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2009-04-29 07:18 pm

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Just for my own amusement, I've made a timeline because I just can't understand how Cuddy can be 38 and still have gone to university at the same time as House.

Cut so as not to bore those of you who aren't bugged by continuity issues )
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2009-04-29 12:04 pm

I've got a question...

Does the word "couch" mean something different than "sofa" where you're from?

The reason I ask is )
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2009-04-27 12:24 pm

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I thought this weekend would never end. Yay it's Monday!!

It's party time on House!!
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2009-04-26 09:11 pm

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Just finished watching House's Head and Wilson's Heart on USA. So sad.

Poor Wilson. And House just breaks my heart when he talks about Wilson hating him.
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2009-04-22 03:01 pm

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Go to House is Right to check out these hysterical "House Riffs on..." videos.

House Gives Valuable Advice:

More Bad Behavior From House:

Too funny.
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2009-04-21 01:46 pm

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I just noticed something in the episode descriptions for 5X22 and 5X23.

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2009-04-19 06:27 pm

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Kal Penn enjoying the annual Easter Egg Hunt on the White House lawn. He looks so happy!


I miss Kutner.

Picture from House is Right.
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2009-04-17 04:19 pm
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Writer's Block: The Greenest Grass

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Hah! MEN, of course. Why? Where do I start?
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2009-04-17 11:28 am

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Heee! I love ROFLrazzi.com

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2009-04-15 10:05 am

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Don't click if you don't like to be spoiled.

Possibly a huge spoiler for House, MD season 6 )
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2009-04-13 09:08 pm

Wilson's Back!

Dear David Shore,

Wilson rocked in this episode!

Thank you.

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2009-04-12 11:44 am
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I just love this article from guardian.uk/The Observer.

The French love Hugh )