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I tried not to cry, because my husband was in the next room. I just hate being emotional in general. But I can only cry about movies or music when I am absolutely alone.

My 8 year old recently expressed some interest in watching the show.
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We're a lot alike.

I try very, very hard to be alone when watching something emotional, so I watched it the first time by myself. I tend to be very stoic in front of other people, and it's rare that I will show much emotion publicly.

But I watched it again with her, and it was just as difficult to watch the second time. When I saw her start to cry, it made me even more weepy.

My daughter LOVES House. She thinks he's funny and sometimes "evil" (a word she uses for everything), but she's much like me in that she sees him as a tragic figure who deserves compassion and understanding, and deserves to be loved.
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My kids first became involved with the show when I caught 4 tadpoles in 2007 and named them House, Wilson, Chase and Foreman.

They are aware of the show and even seem to know who is who, but will run out of the room when any graphic procedures are taking place. Which I find odd for the older one, who has watched all LOTR films in their entirety.
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Tadpoles named after House et al! How cute!

I can see why some of the graphic scenes would bother the kids. (Personally, I think they're not nearly as bad as the scenes in the CSI franchise, but they can still be pretty gross.)

That's pretty cool, though, that they know who all the characters are.

Lindsay's been watching House with me since the second season. It's so much fun to talk to her about it (which she loves to do because she thinks House is the funniest guy on earth) because unlike other friends and family, she doesn't think I'm a whackjob for being so obsessed with Hugh and House.
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They know I write stories about House. But they are still confused as to why anyone would want to read them.

"Who are these people?" My daughter will ask. The idea of there being people that you can interact with JUST via the internet is still puzzling her, I think.

When I was a kid, the tadpoles were always Kirk, Spock and McCoy...
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They know I write stories about House. But they are still confused as to why anyone would want to read them.

I can just picture quizzical looks on little faces, trying to figure out why grownups want to read anything at all, much less stories about some weird guy on TV.

"Who are these people?"

Hee. How many times I've asked myself that same question! (And how many times have I been grateful that you can only interact with certain people via the internet? LOL)

Ah. Star Trek. Captain Kirk was my first major TV character crush.
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They'll be like "so what's your story about" and I'll be like "grownup stuff" and they'll be like "boring!"
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I hear the word "boring" a lot from my kid, too. Personally, I love all those "boring" stories.
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My favorite is when they say "I'm boring" but really mean that they are bored.
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Hee. Cute! I miss those days. They grow up way too fast.


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