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It's been a long time since I laughed that hard at a House episode. (The raucous laughter was immediately followed by concern, fear, and finally sadness, but I'll take the laughs wherever I can get them.)

I'm not a huge fan of Amber, but I love how the writers use her to represent House's subconscious. She's always been labeled a female version of House so it makes sense in that regard, but I find it more interesting in that she is a direct link to Wilson (why not hallucinate Kutner - he was very similar to House as well, but in a nicer way). House even says that he probably hallucinates Amber because of his "secret, very subconscious desire to get Wilson in [his] bedroom". There have been multiple references to a H/W relationship, and though I know it's not going to happen, I'd love to see DS and KJ make a bold and risky move and explore this further.

Chase was absolutely adorable in this episode. Calling House evil, telling him that Cameron wouldn't approve so House needed to kidnap him, busting House (gently and humorously) when he saw him talking to himself in the gallery window, and letting loose at his bachelor party were such fun to watch (and a side of Chase we haven't really seen).

The bachelor party was totally made of win. We have House looking sexy in a smoking jacket, Taub looking uncomfortable and very tiny between two amazon strippers, Foreman actually looking like he was having FUN, a shitfaced Wilson doing blowjob shots off of Karamel and leaving the party without his pants (!), and all around general debauchery. That was a blast to watch! I LOLd a lot!

I got a total kick out of House and Amber in the bathtub, until...

dun dun duuuuun...

Awww, House. I refuse to believe that you really tried to kill Chase. You don't want Cameron, and I don't subscribe to the notion that you did it because you can't stand to see other people happy. If that were true, you'd have really fired either Thirteen or Foreman by now because it's more than obvious that you know they are still together.

Watching House lose it is heartbreaking. I don't know how I'm going to survive the next two episodes. Although I do love my House suffering emotionally and/or physically (mostly because I love to see Hugh in all his dramatic glory), it still kills me to watch it.

Favorite scenes:

- House setting the dead guy on fire and then amending his cause of death to include chemical burns!
- Kanye!House shaking his booty! (God, Hugh is adorkable!)
- Wilson's face when he opens his apartment door.
- Drunken Ducklings 2.0 sitting morosely on a gurney getting IV fluids to sober up (and breath mints from Cuddy).
- House stretching and groaning when he wakes up at the end of the show. I totally want to be in the bed next to him (under him or over him is good, too). Hugh makes waking up look and sound so sexy.


The promo for Under My Skin left me excited for next week and dreading it at the same time. I'm totally looking forward to seeing House's further decline into emotional hell, and some of the promo scenes look very intense.

However, I am most definitely NOT looking forward to what appears to be the Huddy sex scene. First off, I'm tired of this cat-and-mouse game. It has dragged on for far too long and it needs to be over, like, right now. Anyone who knows me knows I really despise what Cuddy has become over the past couple of years and I just want this whole mess to END. I've had more than enough of watching her pursuing him, dressing like a hooker and practically humping his leg every chance she gets, to get him to pay attention to her. I don't see the chemistry or the attraction here, and the two of them act more like siblings than lovers.

Worst of all, what the hell kind of woman would have sex with a man who's losing his mind???!! WTF is wrong with her? She's a doctor, for christ's sake, and should know better than to seduce or allow herself to be seduced by someone in this kind of emotional state. If House was a teenager, I'd be calling her a pedophile. At the very least she's a sexual predator, taking advantage of someone who's in no shape to make intelligent decisions on their own right now.

That said, it is possible that the entire sex scene is a figment of House's overtired and short-circuited imagination. (Please, please, please let it be a hallucination!) It may be wishful thinking, but when they have the "you want to kiss me" conversation in the promo, it looks like House starts to turn away at the very last second as he leans in to kiss her. (Is he just screwing with her head? Is he going to fall/faint/seize/pass out again? God, I hope so.)

The perverted voyeur in me, however, really wants to watch House have sex, even if it has to be with Cuddy. I hope it's better than the House/Stacy sex scene. I want to see the action, not the aftermath!


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