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posted by [identity profile] everybodyliesmd.livejournal.com at 09:22pm on 28/04/2009
I loved House saying "by the power of grayskull..." and then dropping the glass and setting fire to the room. I love flustered House.

And that scene, right there, is the reason Hugh is the best person to play House. His sense of humor and comedic timing are an integral part of House's character.

Chase going into anaphylactic shock from body butter, when most of those are flavored artificially, was just medically ridiculous. Usually even when the butter is flavored specifically, it contains none of the actual product. I know this, because I am allergic to bananas and the edible body gel that’s banana flavored contains no banana.

Yeah, you're right there. There are, like, eleventy hundred writers on this show; you'd think that one of the several women (including KJ herself) would've spoken up to let the two guys who wrote this ep (IIRC) know that this is crap. Unless....they did know and this is somehow woven into House's hallucinations/delusions.

Wilson embarrassing himself at the party surprises me not. What surprises me even less is that Wilson takes no responsibility for his actions, or whatever actions any of House's past parties have resulted in, and sees them only as a result of House's influence and not his own choices.

I thought the same thing at the time it happened. It was so typical of Wilson to blame House for the stupid things he did at House's shindigs. OTOH, it was minor as far as Wilson's blames and/or denials go, and didn't bother me as much as it usually does.

Have you seen the caps and commentary by [livejournal.com profile] theunknownsoul at [livejournal.com profile] house_wilson yet? Absolutely hysterical. This one struck me as particularly funny:

Thirteen: "Being drunk doesn't change you it just reveals who you really are."
[livejournal.com profile] theunknownsoul: So... Wilson takes off his pants and wanders off to find his "House"?
...sounds about right.

Well that's two episodes left to give us some real House Wilson dialogue, in which they discuss something meaningful.

Looks like, despite the Cuddy scenes, that there may be a lot of H/W next week. Here's hoping, anyways.

Just throwing this out there:

Who's hands do these look like to you?

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I think that's the patient and her BF? Definitely a woman's hands. Foreman's hand on the other side?

I've been meaning to check out UKS's screencaps. But I hate waiting for all the images to load. Dial-up, you know.

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It's just an odd photo because if that's Foreman, then he's wearing a gold ring on his ring finger. And I thought the ballerina's hands were gross because her skin was falling off and they might have to amputate both hands and feet.

Hm. Just wondering. I can't get close enough to the wristband to see if there is a name on it. I saw someone on another comm ask the same question, but I haven't gotten back there to see the answers.
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Foreman wears rings. But I thought they were silver. Maybe it's a friend, or a family member or a coach or something.


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