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I think House got it exactly when he told her that she longs to have someone throw themselves on her and tell her that they love her ONE GRUNTED SYLLABLE AT A TIME.

She just. I don't know. She's icky. If she wasn't so desperate, it wouldn't be the same. She dresses so...ugh. I just feel embarrassed for the actress.
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Are you kidding? The actress freakin' loves the whole thing!

Which is just scary.
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Which is why I'm embarrassed for her. Just like I'd be for a 13 year old girl who dressed like a hooker and thinks all the older boys REALLY LIKE HER FOR WHO SHE IS!
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Awww. My friend used to be that girl. Now she's the 17 year old girl who acts like a hooker, and knows that all the boys just want to get into her pants.

You'd think that LE would, I don't know, GET IT that her outfits are wildly inappropriate for the character, and the character's job, and make Cuddy a fucking joke. I can't imagine a single employee in that hospital has a single ounce of respect for her.

I saw someone post some pics LE did for a French "men's magazine" (which is apparently soft-core porn for wimps) and I was like... what? I get that she's attractive, but why would she possibly feel the need to pose in suggestive undies for a French magazine? What does she get out of that? Maybe (okay, definitely) I'm naive, but I don't see how doing that helps out her career. I just don't get it.
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I can only assume she has no respect for herself. JM and OW manage to be sexy without dressing or acting like hookers.

And the men on the show manage to as well.
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Oh, hell yeah they do!

*drools over the men on the show*
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It just cracks me up how she's always LOOK AT ME! And doesn't seem to realize that most people think she's a hooker.
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But people don't look at her, they look at her boobs and ass. Which I guess are part of her, but still it's wildly demeaning.

And men are pigs, etc., but I can't blame them when she dresses like that.

It's like, how can anyone be THIS self-unaware? And then I look at Wilson and I'm like, Oh. Yeah. That guy. :(

Although I will say, I think RSL is looking mighty fine recently, expecially for a new daddy.
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I actually don't think RSL is looking very good right now. His haircut makes him look like a dork. He seems to be losing weight, but still maintaining the double chin. Season one and two RSL was hot.
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Really? I love the dorky look. I find it irrestible!

But yes, seasons one and two were prime hotness seasons for Wilson/RSL.

That's an interesting point about the double chin. Why won't it disappear??

The fact that RSL being a father makes him more attractive to me... makes me uncomfortable.
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The fact that RSL being a father makes him more attractive to me... makes me uncomfortable.

Why does it make you uncomfortable? I'm just curious, because things like that always make me more comfortable. Imagining RSL or HL home, being a Dad and playing with the kid(s) makes me all warm and fuzzy, and makes them so much more sexy. I just melt when I see guys holding babies (all those pictures of Hugh holding babies or posing with the kids who have guest starred on the show make me want to hug him even more). Being a Dad makes them more real and more human.
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Maybe it's just because HL has kids who are older than I am, and RSL could MAYBE be my parent, it seems weird to me.
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Pish and tish, as Stephen Fry would say.

Age is a state of mind. Though I get where you are coming from (but from the opposite side; I'm Hugh's age), try not to think about them that way. I ogle and drool over gorgeous guys your age, but since it isn't and never will be real (and therefore, illegal), I don't let the age thing bother me.

A gorgeous man is a gorgeous man. There is no age limit.
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There are gorgeous guys my age!? Care to point them my way? Hee- I love making fun of teenage boys. It's my favorite hobby!

You make good points, and I no longer feel like a creep.
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I love making fun of teenage boys. It's my favorite hobby!

Most teenage boys deserve to be made fun of (and that goes for college age boys, too)!! They are a completely different species than the rest of us. LOL

The cute ones need to just stand still and keep their mouths shut, because once they start talking and moving around it ruins everything. (Just kidding!)

You make good points, and I no longer feel like a creep.

Good, because you are certainly not a creep. You are a very normal young woman that has great taste in men!
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I don't think it has anything to do with weight. My sister is skinny and has that same chin issue. It's inherited.
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I think RSL is adorable. Despite the hair (I like it longer), he is still a damn fine looking man.

Though he was REALLY hot in the first two seasons!
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THIS. Yes :)
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Some of the older photos of him (they looked like head shots and stills) when he was much younger are GORGEOUS.
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JM and OW are always dressed respectably. Lisa Edelstein, however, ends up on "Go Fug Yourself" and other worst dressed lists all the time. Not only does she always seem to be stuffed into or falling out of her clothes, her fashion sense SUCKS. In RL, she wears the fugliest shit I've ever seen.
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Thing is, she's plenty attractive. She doesn't need to have her tits hanging out. I was embarrassed for her in "All In" when House said her breasts don't match. By the look on her face, it was like she had a glimmer of realization that she'd worn the dress, hoping to get House OR Wilson's attention, or really anyone who might look at her.
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I hated her in All In. Absolutely HATED her. First off, she blew off a SICK LITTLE KID to play poker. Secondly, she was overly obnoxious (IOW, her usual whorish self) during the poker game. Thirdly, she had the nerve to get pissed off at House for taking the case.

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Yeah I've seen no evidence of her medical education either.
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Just how the f*ck did she get that job is what I want to know.

Or maybe I should be asking "Who did she f*ck to get that job?"
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"How's your hooker doing?"

"Funny story. She was going to be hospital administrator, but she just hated having to screw people like that."
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